Monthly Special

We love our patients and want you to look and see your best. As a thank you for placing your trust in us, we offer a monthly special on eyeglasses to show our appreciation.  Check out our specials here or stop by the office and we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!

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Family Eye Care is committed to providing the newest, advanced glasses technology that you and your eyes deserve.   We will help you determine the precise lens design, coatings and material that will fit your lifestyle and vision needs.

We strive to provide high quality, fashionable frames that will hold their adjustment and hold up to the latest trends.  Stop on by and we’ll help you find the perfect glasses to fit your face, style and personality!


Product highlights

Whether it be a digitally designed single vision lens, a computer lens specifically designed for the office or one of the various bifocal design lenses, our goal is to enhance your activities by helping you decide which lens options match the needs of your daily life.  We use the finest in lens products to help you achieve clear, comfortable vision you expect from your glasses. Here are a couple of our favorite lens designs that we offer.


Between computer, tablets, phones and other screens, the way we use our eyes is dramatically different in the digital age. The demand we place on our eyes can lead to headaches, eye strain and discomfort.  This lens is specifically designed to address this issue. The advanced technology implemented in this lens blocks the harsh, harmful blue light that is emitted from all screens and helps relax the eyes as you look up close. Ask about this latest technology if you are experiencing difficulty with digital eye strain.

Crizal Anti-Reflection Coating

Crizal anti-reflection coating can be applied to any lens to provide you with the core benefits you want from your eyeglasses. This group of coatings reduces glare, resists scratches, repels dust and water, resistant to smudges and offers UV protection. Crizal Prevencia also protects from harmful blue light associated with computer and screen use. Make sure you’re eyeglasses are the best they can be by adding this coating.

Kids Package

Kids can be rough on glasses, so we package together the toughest materials to make them last. By combining the safest impact-resistant lens material with the strongest coating to help make them smudge, scratch, water, glare resistant and protect your child’s eyes against UV damage.

A face is like a work of art- it deserves a great frame! Not only do you want to be seeing sharp-you want to look sharp too. We believe the glasses you wear daily is an extension of you. Your personality and style. We have a variety of styles and brands so we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our opticians will help you find your next pair of glasses that fit you perfectly.

Stop in to find the latest styles from your favorite brands!

Complimentary frame adjustment and lens servicing is included with all frames purchased at our optical shop. Most manufactures provide a 1- year warranty on frames with normal wear and tear. Come on in with your concerns and we will see if any warranties apply to your glasses.


Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are excellent at correcting both near and farsightedness. Our goal is to find the perfect lens for you so you will have clear, stable vision while maintaining comfort for the duration of the day. The traditional wear schedules for the 2-week and 1 month lenses require nightly cleaning and disinfection. We are now excited to offer the convenience and safety of daily disposable lenses.

Soft Astigmatism Lenses

Astigmatism is an irregular curve of the cornea, the front part of your eye. Because of this irregularity, the only way to correct the vision with contacts in the past was with a hard plastic or glass contact lenses. Newer technology has allowed for the optics to correct this irregularity to be available with the comfort of soft contacts.  We are able of offer these astigmatism lenses to you in daily disposable, 2- week and monthly wear schedules.

Color Enhancing / Color Changing  Lenses

Want to draw attention to your beautiful blues, bold browns or handsome hazels? The latest technology in colored contact lenses is focused on enhancing the natural beauty of your own eye instead of changing the color. Ask us about these lens options if you are interested in making your eyes look whiter, brighter and younger.

Interested in a change? Colored contacts can give you that fun pop of color you’ve been looking for. Ask us about trying a fresh new look on in the office or check out this link to virtually trial your new look.

Multifocal Lenses

Can’t remember where you set your readers down? Tired of trying to find that sweet spot in your progressives? Missing the days you were free of glasses? Multifocal contacts can help you regain that freedom, by offering functional vision at multiple distances. With a variety of wear modalities, we can accommodate your needs by offering multifocal lenses in daily disposable, 2-week and monthly lenses. Ask us about ways to reduce your dependence on reading glasses with contact lenses when your arms are just too short!

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Unable to achieve optimal vision with soft lenses? These hard contact lenses may be the right fit for you. Able to correct nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism prescriptions, these contacts provide the sharpest vision possible. Also available in multifocal and specialty designs.