Routine Vision Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Dr. Javen will take the time to listen to your eye health and vision concerns. In addition to determining to proper glasses prescription to help you see your best, they will assess the health of your eye to detect any eye diseases and ensure lasting vision. They will monitor eye pressures without using the “puff of air” test to evaluate your risk for glaucoma. They will also take a comprehensive look at your eyes to assess for macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eye, ocular allergies, corneal and retinal health.

Our doctors are also provide pediatric eye exams. At these exams, they ensure the eyes are developing normally and nothing is hindering clear, comfortable vision.  They look for eye turns, lazy eyes and eye diseases that can affect younger eyes.

Contact Lens Fitting and Dispensing

Glasses getting in the way of you enjoying life? Our doctors are here to offer and fit you in the newest technology of contact lenses that will not only keep you free to clearly enjoy your activities, but also to keep your eyes healthy and happy. Yearly checks of your contact lenses are important to ensure those lenses are not compromising the integrity of the ocular surface.

Never worn contacts before? We will work with you in a relaxed, non stressful environment to teach you insertion and removal of your contact lenses to ensure you are comfortable with the process. We will also teach you how to care for the lenses to instill good habits from the beginning, to reduce the risk of infection or complications associated with the lenses.  Find out more about the contact lens options we offer here.


Medical Eye Exams

Vision is precious and can be threatened by many different diseases of the eye. We are here to help you manage these conditions.  Below are just a few of the more common conditions we encounter and treat.

Diabetic Exams

Yearly dilated eye exams are important for monitoring the health of your eye especially if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Early changes from diabetes that have not yet affected your vision can only be found by dilated eye exams.  Once found, we can be proactive in preventing permanent vision loss.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma affects the nerve fiber in the back of the eye, causing damage and loss of vision. This vision loss starts in the far periphery and slowly progresses until it affects the central vision at a more advanced stages of the disease. Because of this, it it difficult to monitor for glaucoma based on visual symptoms alone.  Family history, high eye pressures, age and systemic conditions are all risk factors for glaucoma. At every yearly eye exam we evaluate your risk factors and determine if further testing is necessary.  We use the latest technology to measure the amount of nerve fibers so we can quantitatively detect changes.

Macular Degeneration

The macula is an area in the back of your eye that gives you the sharp, central vision you use daily.  Macular degeneration is a disease that affects this area, damaging the central vision. This degeneration of tissue could potentially inhibit your ability to continue the daily activities you enjoy including sewing, reading, hunting, ect.  Family history, age, smoking and poor nutrition can increase your risk for developing this sight threatening condition. We examine your macula at every comprehensive eye exam and look for subtle changes that could indicate the early stages of this disease. While there is currently no cure for macular degeneration, there are lifestyle changes that we can help you employ to help decrease the progression of vision loss.


A cataract is an opacity in the lens of your eyes that occurs as it ages. This is the same lens that loses its ability to focus up close starting in your 40’s. This opacity causes light to scatter and you notice blurred vision as well as glare and halos at night around headlights. Once they develop and affect your vision, a surgery is commonly done to remove the opacity, restoring vision. We are able to assess the status of your cataracts and determine if they need to be removed. We work with several surgeons in the area and are able to match you up with the perfect fit for your needs.


Your sight is precious and we understand the importance of prompt service when things seem off.  Whenever you notice any changes in your eyes such as redness, infections, pain, vision loss, flashes of light or floaters we will work with you to address your concerns.  We are also fully equipped for foreign body removal, for when you get something in your eye. We have a doctor available on call after hours for your urgent ocular needs.

Our building and exam lanes are all wheel-chair accessible.